Tips For Throwing A Spa Day Birthday Party

Teen and tween girls are often obsessed with appearances and spend hours on their hair, nails, and grooming. For the girly girl, a spa day birthday party is sure to be hit with both her and her group of closest girlfriends.

For the party, make sure there is plenty of paper towels, cotton balls, and bleach-free cleaner on hand in case of accidental spills. Purchase a family pack of combs and hairbrushes, an assortment of nail polish and remover, and consider personalized hand mirrors as favors. You can even hire companies like for birthday parties arrangements without any hassle.

Invite the girls to bring along their favorite products that can be shared, such as mousse, hairspray, polishes, or lotions. They should also bring along their own comb or hairbrush.

To avoid the possibility of lice infestation or pink eye infection, do not allow the party-goers to share makeup or hair grooming tools. 

Due to their intense heat, curling or flat-irons can be shared. Combs, brushes, and hair ornaments should not be. Each girl should bring her own makeup if desired, but it should not be shared around.

After all the girls are sufficiently gussied up, take glamorous photos of them together. These pictures can then be put into an album or printed and sent to the girls as a reminder of the great party. If this idea is met with excitement, encourage the girls to bring their own jewelry and a nice outfit to wear for their photos.

The mother of the honoree can serve as a hostess or a party planner specializing in spa parties can be hired for the event. Girls can take the opportunity to learn about the latest fashions in nail styles, hairdos, and pedicures.