Why is Anti Harassment Training Important For Employees

Some laws are formed as a result of certain human actions that have caused great suffering to the victims.  Human resources and regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), also fall into this category. This law covers discrimination and related topics such as harassment, intimidation, and the victim in the workplace and is designed to prevent discrimination of any kind.

Discrimination or unprofessional behaviour: The employer is responsible

According to the law, the employer will be liable for discrimination or harassment in the workplace by employees. In legal terms, this is referred to as vicarious liability. But, an employer cannot be simply tried by a court if he/she has taken all reasonable steps, such as providing anti-sexual harassment training.

Human resources / EEO compliance training

For the law and for creating a safe and sound work environment,, it is important that employers take the necessary steps through its human resources department.  Whether it’s for regulatory reasons or due to economic reasons, one needs to take into account ramifications of avoiding compliance training for his/her employees. Beyond the basics, there are myriad benefits of training your employees in this regard which are:

  • It will protect your organization against work-related litigation.
  • This will help create a workplace that is fair to all employees.
  • This will help increase employee retention.
  • This will help avoid liability for your organization support.